The Illustrated Book of Sayings

So, here we are again almost exactly 2 years later, with another book. I'm excited—for you, for me, in general.

The UK edition of the book has a different title, and is being released a few days earlier than the US one. The American version is entitled The Illustrated Book of Sayings, and will be released on September 13th. Then the British enjoy being a little obscure so we've gone with Speaking in Tongues as a title, and this one will be out September 1st! I still don't know precisely why, but there we have it.

More soon.

Rinse and Repeat

Tomorrow, Lost in Translation will be in UK bookshops.

After 8 months of trying to peer far enough across the Atlantic to see what was going on in the US, my book is finally close to home. I remembered the quote below while in the middle of washing my hair earlier today. Partly, I suppose, because (if you're paying attention) the emotions that come with a publication of your work are quite overwhelming, and it's so much, so good, so incredulous, that a heart breaking seems like the lesser of two evils—it's either broken magnificently with the much-ness of it all, or it curls up and crawls somewhere to recover some semblance of normal. You feel exposed, understood, misunderstood, everything. Nobody told me how to do this.

They don't teach you how to behave when people can go into a bookstore and flick through the pages, the ones covered in you, your blood and sweat and tears and whatever else it took to finish this thing. They turn the unnumbered pages, looking inside you, yet not really knowing you at all. But that's OK, because this is exciting, this is real. 

Tonight I will sing myself to sleep to the tune of 'Happy Publication Day' and wake up tomorrow much the same as every other day before it. Then I will go into my local bookstore and, looking the cashier straight in the eye, buy a copy.



Hello humans, I have news in the form of an announcement. 

There are a mere 20 days (actually maybe only 19 at this time of night) left until the publication of Lost in Translation, which you can pre-order and other nonsense already. It's a bizarre, magnificent and unforeseen happening, which I am unbelievably excited to remind you of, and bombard you with. Ask me questions, tell me lies, and more importantly... go and hunt down my book. 

My book. Lord in all the heavens it feels strange to write that.

 ella frances sanders