Moving Me

I'm moving house this weekend, and at some point during the packing-up-everything process, I realised that a new bath mat was probably overdue. An odd thing to be sharing with you, I know, but Society6 have recently added bath mats to their terrifyingly long and impressive list of available products, and so I was able to order this delight. 

My new bathroom (again, not sure why I'm telling you this/perhaps this is what blogs are for/and maybe you need a new bath mat too) has sage green tiles and so I figure I'll just turn the space into a forest. Reasonable? I think so. I like the idea of falling out of the bathtub directly into a woodland.


Etchings by Phil Greenwood have me dreaming about everything these intaglio prints evoke.

And Then It Was Friday

I need to find a better way to do this, because it took an ancient camera tripod, a lot of masking tape, and a lot of moving backward and forward by tiny increments. I suppose I just wanted to see what would happen.

Answer: it focussed on the wrong thing, but who is going to mind that.