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Did you know, that this year they (whoever 'they' might be) are adding a leap second to our universal system of time? Tonight, at 23:59:60 UTC, they officially add a single unassuming second so that the revolution of our clocks is back in synchronicity with the rotation of planet Earth. This is the 27th time they have added a leap second, and such a correction means that the last minute of the year 2016 will, in fact, be 61 seconds long.

So it is somehow upon us, the closing of one year and the beginning of another; a tipping point where culturally we are often encouraged to suddenly alter, prune and snip ourselves into better shapes, different shapes. But I like my shape just fine on 31st December 2016, and we are changed in fractional ways all the time anyway—by people, things, experiences that we initially brushed off as unimportant. It sounds so obvious out loud, but I think we can get so wrapped up in this urgent need to better ourselves, to learn and grow and improve, that we forget that it happens at an essential, cellular level without us even really trying. Put a different way, I'd rather grow like an oak tree than a skyscraper—I know which one of those has a chance of being intact, even stronger, hundreds of years later.

Below is an idiomatic Japanese proverb. To sit on a rock for three years it to work patiently toward something—that's where you'll find me.

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