Ella Frances Sanders


An Announcement of Exciting Proportions

This is probably slightly overdue, but after it was announced in Publisher's Weekly at the beginning of October, I got excited all over again. I think I haven't said much because to some extent it felt like you already knew, which is ridiculous.

A little while ago, I signed the contracts for my third book. My third book! I thought it was probably time to shout about it officially, because as the weeks turn into months, it’s likely that this is going to be all I ramble about. The working title is ‘An Illustrated Guide to the Universe’, it lies somewhere within the intersection of science and art and the existential, and it will be published initially in the US by Penguin, something which I think I’m still processing. I’ve already fallen completely in love with my new editor, Meg Leder, who is a wonderful writer herself, and I just don’t know how it’s possible to sit still enough to write or draw anything when you’re wriggling this much with apprehension and glee.

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