Ella Frances Sanders


About Time

I thought it was probably about time, time that I noted down some official-type updates for both your sake and mine, because although it may have seemed quiet on the universe front, it has been anything but.

Those of you who receive my newsletter will have heard much (arguably too much) about Brazil, where I spent the better part of two months surrounded by rainforest, finishing the draft manuscript for the book, and I'm now in the illustration-creation phase, which is quite a lot messier. It is a long and ink-covered road, and it's possible I fell in love with the soon-to-be-book all over again when I made a final paper decision—Fabriano, 140lb Hot Pressed Watercolour.


While I can't show you a whole lot of what I'm doing (really anything at all), I will do my best to show you the small pieces that matter. Maybe that's all anyone ever can see—small pieces that matter.