Ella Frances Sanders


Finnish Lines

While I was trying to find a suitable Ume Sami phrase for yesterday's project post, I kept stumbling across Finnish bits and pieces that were far too marvellous to just forget about. Some of the best ones I found were here, but in case you don't have a spare fifteen minutes to read all of those, I'll put my favourite below.

Juoksentelisinkohan is a word that means "I wonder if I should run around aimlessly?" all in one go. I've copied Michael's explanation below, because I wouldn't be able to do any better: 

The verb "juosta" means "to run". Well "juoksennella" means "to run around". This method is applied to other verbs too, the "lla" form of the verb is usually a more relaxed version of the original verb. For example "katsella" is a more relaxed form of "katsoa". "Minä katselen televisiota" means "I'm watching TV (but I'm doing it in a relaxed way, I'm not watching anything serious, I'm just relaxing and the TV happens to be on)". So, then we have the "isi" part. This signals that the verb is in the conditional form. "Juoksentelisin" means "I would run around"
"ko" then makes it into a question and "han" is like saying "maybe". Therefore "juoksentelisinkohan" becomes "I wonder if I should maybe, possibly, run around aimlessly".

Isn't that incredible? I think juoksentelisinkohan is a question I'm going to have to start asking myself.