Ella Frances Sanders



It's been an ill-tempered week, filled with good things and good people but underpinned by a growing bank of murky cloud. Hence my somewhat silence, I suppose. Call it winter blues or call it just-really-damn-tired, it seems to be gaining ground, so I'm taking protective measures and trying not to force creativity too much.

I have had to wonder why this has come about, because I all but love these darker months and the rain that they bring with them, even if the overall effect makes a person want to curl up into a shell-shape and not venture out again until the Spring. 

Everything slows down now, takes rest. There is a great circle of ancient trees a few streets away that looks stopped, and their branches look cold and cross. People walk faster, linger only when really necessary and keep their hands firmly in coat pockets rather than gently stroking the unassuming beauty that passes by again and again and again.