Ella Frances Sanders


The Passing of Time Pt. I

I'm not quite sure how a almost-a-whole-month has passed since the last blog post, I really have not a clue. I'm sure it's unacceptable on many, many levels.

But there are important things afoot. For example, Lost in Translation (the US version at least) comes out in a mere 25 days. While this date was drawing closer and my heartbeat getting more erratic, I was trotting about the globe in search of inspiration, and seeing people who needed to be seen. Photos and sketches of these explorations are on the way, hopefully before Christmas. (I joke.)

And because it wasn't hectic enough to go through the aftermath of a book publication in one place, September will also include jaunts to Paris and Berlin. 

Right now, because too many unanswered emails are screaming my name in a voice not unlike Gollum, and because I haven't actually moved from this chair in over 6 hours, there will be a part two of this meaningless ramble a little later.

Until then.