Ella Frances Sanders


To Love A Book

It has come to my attention that today is National Book Lovers Day in the US, which seemed like something I couldn't not mention, but then again if you are someone who is moderately distressed by the fact that there are people out there who don't really like or care for books at all, then it's likely everyday is book day for you anyway.

Whether you have only one beloved book or you cannot even see the floor of your house anymore, it's always nice to remember that books will love you back.

I sometimes feel bad that the books of mine lying on top (see below) get a bit sun-bleached, and 'A General Theory of Love' has suffered more than most, but they haven't yet complained to me directly and perhaps they like the warmth. I find that keeping them in this orientation means that I tend to get good at recognising a book by only a fraction of its cover, and because my wooden shutters still need to be able to close over them, I'm prevented from letting them grow uncontrollably.