Ella Frances Sanders



The lack of updates (of any kind) on here is woeful, but believe me, there are plenty of them. Here are a couple: I am working with Litographs on a really cool project that will be unveiled at their Book Expo America booth, and somewhere amongst a few other freelance illustration projects, I've found the time to say an emphatic yippee to a second book. YAY. I want to keep it majorly (probably unnecessarily) secretive for the time being, but it will be kind of related to Lost in Translation (or a lot). Work has already begun, and I reckon this one will be on bookshelves next Spring. That's what they tell me.

I've tried to think back to this point last year, and can remember mostly work, as Lost in Translation was in its final, manic stages. Other things happened, plenty of them. Can't really put my finger on them. Perhaps they were too significant to really notice. But I also feel completely different this time around, and as I'm sitting here waiting for blossoms to appear on the trees, I am excited and impatient for more things to happen to me, and for me to happen to them. 

Isn't this fun?