The Illustrated Book of Sayings

So, here we are again almost exactly 2 years later, with another book. I'm excited—for you, for me, in general.

The UK edition of the book has a different title, and is being released a few days earlier than the US one. The American version is entitled The Illustrated Book of Sayings, and will be released on September 13th. Then the British enjoy being a little obscure so we've gone with Speaking in Tongues as a title, and this one will be out September 1st! I still don't know precisely why, but there we have it.

More soon.


Who is a Vimeo Staff Pick? Me, sort of. 

The wonderful team at CBC Radio created a darling animation about love based on words from my book, Lost in Translation. I'm a sucker for spending far too long gawking over the incredible videos the team at Vimeo choose to put in this section—the beauty of cinematography in recent years is just unspeakable.

Man, Table

A piece of illustration from my second book... The Illustrated Book of Sayings! I'm not sure why I've posted all my second book secrets on Instagram and neglected to post them here—I suppose the former always feels more immediate, friendlier, less formal. 


I finally figured out how to centralise pages on my website while keeping the menu right. By this I mean: I got a coding human to help me and they are so clever with these computer languages I cannot even keep up. It looks so much better, and I felt truly fabulous when I copied/pasted the same code into the shop page, the newsletter page. You name it, I made it central.

P.s. I also added a permanent header image of stars.


Giving so much out can be exhausting, it's mightily important to create yourself—fairly, carefully, and with wild abandon.

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